"What brought me here, how Kratom saved my life"

I, Chase Romine, am a 31-year-old Oklahoman born and raised. My journey towards Kratom is unique to myself. My path started about when I was 22. I found out quickly that I absolutely loved vodka. Every night a new bottle. I would find random jobs for short bursts of time within the fast-food industry to get paid and go out and buy more of the booze. At this time, I had not realized I was an alcoholic. As time went on, I would be drinking and get into mixing it with pain pills and sometimes heroin. I remember a night at a friend’s apartment I had passed out with a needle in my arm. When I woke up, I took a taxi home and I know I felt terrible. Not because of the drugs and the come down, but I realized I had betrayed my soul. I felt wrong. That would be the last time I would try something so extreme. Unfortunately, my drinking continued for a little bit longer.


For a moment I was homeless wandering around in Oklahoma City and considering suicide for the 3rd time in my life. Luckily I found a program online for struggling people where they would help you with housing, I quickly applied. Shortly after this I found a job at a local restaurant and honestly it was the first job I ever cared about. There was a man who worked there who told me about kratom. My first thought is “yeah this isn’t going to help” I continued to drink up to 3 pints of vodka a day for several months. I can’t begin to explain how many times I have woken up in the hospital. There were days I would finish my bottle before the liquor store would be open and I would walk over to the local bar and walk around parking lots looking for change to buy another cheap bottle of vodka. At this point, I was well aware of my addiction to alcohol and there was nothing I could do. No matter how badly I wanted to stop I couldn’t. My body NEEDED it to survive. I remember running out of alcohol on a Sunday morning and I talked my parents into buying a couple of beers but even though I drank those beers when I laid my head down on the couch everything went black.


Turns out I was having my first panic attack, but we weren’t sure at the time, so my parents rushed me over to the hospital and I remember getting called back into a room and while I was waiting on the doctor I was staring at the wall, and everything just started moving around and then next thing I know I
woke up 2 days later. Turns out I had officially had my first seizure from the withdrawals of alcohol. Heck, I had even broken my nose by flying out the bed and I remember NONE of it. This was the moment I decided it was time for change. I decided to go the route of meetings, sober living communities, all of it. But I would soon find out this path wasn’t my own and I quickly relapsed.


One day I was laying in bed counting down time until the liquor store opened again while I was laying, I was googling alcohol alternatives and essentially looking for a new path and once again the word kratom popped up so at this point I decided yes, it’s time to change. I absolutely remember the first time I took my first initial dose of green maeng da. It satisfied every urge in my soul. For the first time in a long time, I wasn’t avoiding alcohol I just simply didn’t want it anymore. I wanted change and with kratom my world opened to great heights. I met another local kratom enthusiast and he too had his own struggles with his own demons. He decided to start his own kratom business and I was right there alongside him. During my time with that company, I had the opportunity to help hundreds of strangers find another path and honestly some of them are my greatest friends still to this day.


One thing about me is without alcohol I am truly free and that creates such happiness not only in my world but with others around me. It’s almost infectious. I had people who looked forward to coming to shop over there because we would be able to talk, for hours if needed. I was an open heart, mind, and soul for whatever they would need. Every time it made my days so much brighter. As time went on that business mutually ended and during my thoughts of what should I do next, I have several friends come up to me worried about where they will find products, or worried about their own path and they rightfully should be. That’s when I decided it was time to start my own business.


I decided on BotanaLife basically its short for botanical life. You know like live a botanical life. I quickly within 3 days opened shop getting orders ready in my spare bedroom to meet at local parks. It was completely worth the time and energy to know I was able to continue to make an impact in some of their lives. I remember sitting down with my dog next to me last august of 2021 and I realized I finally knew who I was. I finally knew what my purpose was. It was in front of me all along. My purpose was to help as many people as I possibly could to show whoever is looking that there is another path. Kratom saved my life and with the remainder of it I will do everything in my power to help anybody who asks.

About me and Kratom
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